Let’s view through the lens of equality

Discrimination, differences, stereotyping has always been a part of society. Since time immemorial, there has always been a comparison between a man and a woman. For a very long time, women have tried hard to achieve equality and still strive to do so. They try to prove they are no different than a man and can achieve the same feat as them whether at work or at household management. But even after tiresome efforts for generations people still view these two genders from a different lens.

The universal fact is men and women are biologically different but by no means, this states that one is physically or mentally weak than the other. It is just a biased vision that we have developed to segregate women as weak and men as strong or women to be submissive and men to be aggressive. In this world of prejudices, society even has set norms to define how a man or a woman should behave and look. If anyone dares to disobey he/she is labelled as an outcast.

The boundaries that are today looked up to justify each gender’s appearances and way of conduct has never done any good to either of them. The reality will always remain that humans ability, choices they make or the way to respond can’t be categorised from gender’s perspective. Every human, irrespective of being male or female, will react or respond in his/her own unique style. This has nothing to do with the gender they belong to.

A man can be weak and timid but this doesn’t mean that all men will be weak or timid. Similarly, a woman can be aggressive and rash but this has nothing to do with the definition of women community.

Hence, choosing gender as a criterion to match behaviour or appearances is completely irrational and baseless. In the society of humans, practices of stereotyping and gender discrimination have emerged but it is also true that this society has also brought in the idea of equality. If we only let our minds become more liberal and accepting both the genders and the human race can prosper harmoniously.




I believe everyone should hustle hard to make a positive impact!

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Swati Tripathi

Swati Tripathi

I believe everyone should hustle hard to make a positive impact!

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